Theatre :
l’Alliance Française,
May 1998

That piece was conceived as a score consisting of many movements, an adaptation going beyond the customary theatrical interpretation.
It embraced all the seductions of a true spectacle. The emotional richness, the sound, the visuals, and the dimension given by fantasy band together to give a relentness charge against the punishement of death.

Extracts from press review:

«A fantastic Hugolien; the director constructs the drama as if it were a dream»
Le Figaro

«Claude Moreau has deployed his visually inventive, creative treasures to create a poetic climate which forms a sumptuous bejewelled case»
Valeurs actuelles

«Claude Moreau’s direction is perfect»
Paris Match

« This spectacle totally searches to try to shock the senses by the multiplication of voices ; music, song, dance, marionettes and giant images which transport the spectator into fantasy, anamorphosis and distorsion»
Paris Capitale

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