For over 25 years Claude Moreau has been creating, directing and producing “Grands Spectacles”, theatrical productions and corporate promotions together with artistic and cultural events.
His “Grands Spectacles” simultaneously employ  theatre, choreography, cinema, giant images, live and recorded music, creative lighting and special effects in the art of true dramaturgy.
Most of his productions have been adapted for television, also under his direction.
When possible he likes to work with ‘les forces vives’ or living forces, meaning a combination of professionals  and amateurs  (local people who donate their services for the pleasure of being involved). It is not unusual to have  animals such as horses and dogs included in the animation of a scene.
Venues have  ranged   from the Champs  Elysees and Place de la Bastille in Paris to large entertainment spaces such as Bercy and Le Zenith, also in Paris and historic sites such as Cordes in the French ‘midi’, where the silhouette of the medieval city against the night sky was included to form an essential element of the spectacle.

The emotion of the audience is the single thing most shared during the performance.
The worried smile from an actor about to go on stage,  the anxiety  of  the lighting technician regulating the last projection  or even  the  erratic whims of the wind rattling the support theatre does not spare the heart.
Oh really, is that all ?
Joy is always the mesure of foreboding. It sometimes happens that in the middle of the applause, within the communion of emotion between  hundred or thousands people, the proud word of the creation suddenly looses their grand airs and modestly come to rest on a look gleaned from the crowd, wonderstruck  and liquid, which will always be for me, the most beautiful aknowledgement »

Claude Moreau