Claude Moreau produced and performed «La mémoire des pierres» for Cordes sur Ciel one of the most beautiful and famous ancient villages in the south of France, near Toulouse.

For three years running there were more than 25000 people in the audience.
It was a beautifully written drama which used the natural decoration of the site to great effect and masterfully orchestrated sound and lights.
The story took place in the 18th century. In the streets of Cordes, an alchemist interpreted by the famous French actor Claude Rich, wandered at night looking for the laboratory of his ancestor who was an alchemist. During the course of his quest the stones of the town spoke thus evoking seven centuries of the town’s history including it’s birth, the plague, the horror of the inquisition, the mystery of the «Templiers», the religious wars….
80 amateur actors from the town played on  stage.


Extracts from press reviews:

« A great spectacle, Claude Rich was magnificent ».
France 2 television news.

« A message of tolerance and fraternity »
TF1 television news.

«  A spectacular fresco, the direction is pure magic »
France 3 television news

« The spectacle, the special effects, the film projected on a great screen, the sound and music and the costumes inspire the members of the audience to dive not only into this period but into the entire history of France. »
France 3 television news.
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