Théâtre de La Manufacture November 1984

This was the first time that the troubled dreams of the author of
«Le désert des tartares» and his ironic universe, as told in a form of short stories, had ever been performed. The unuasal choice of setting, an old renovated factory offered many possibilities that the production used to the full.

Extracts from press review:

«One can't believe one’s eyes… the startling pictures of truth, reality...
A delivery of the same nature. Nothing, in this precise case, conforms to the tradition of this type of theatre»

«Claude Moreau has succeeded a complete work by using the author’s work, audiovisual, lights and music to perfection»
Le Monde

«Nothing compares to this» Grand spectacle »….one finds oneself before a work that revives the orchestration of the art of theatre»
La vie Ouvrière

«It is astounding, grand theatre of today, a must see»
7 à Paris
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