Toussaint Louverture was staged for the Third Summit of French speaking countries in Dakar, within the framework of the bicentenary of the French revolution.
It retraced the true story of an old slave named Toussaint Louverture who became Governor of the French Republic and recounted the important moments of the first abolition of slavery in 1794.
250 performers were on stage on a beach near Dakar : the National Ballet of Senegal, the famous percussionists Doudou N’Diaye Rose, members of The  Julien Jouga’s Choir plus further actors, singers and musicians.
Synchronised films were projected on two screens featuring famous french actors including JC Brialy and Jacques Perrin.
The african actor Gérard Essomba played the role of Toussaint.
It was performed 3 times in Dakar to an audience in which there were 41 heads of State or Government, officials and press.
It was also played  over 3 days in Lille (north  France) to an audience of 18000 people.


Extracts from press reviews:

«A somptuous spectacle ; Claude Moreau gives colour to the words.»

«The spectacle was of great beauty with ceaseless effects and incomparable crowd movements»
Le Figaro

«For two hours the audience was in communion with history»

«A truly great spectacle, a timeless hymn to freedom» 
La Croix du Nord


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